About the Accounting Whiz Kid

Biography of the REAL LIFE Accounting Whiz Kid…

I’m not the Accounting Whiz Kid because I’m smart, but rather because I learned valuable shortcuts to understanding and mastering accounting. Unfortunately for me, I learned them all the hard way, but I want to show you the easy way… my secrets, the secrets of the Accounting Whiz Kid.

To say that I battled accounting in school is an understatement. I struggled to follow the long and often boring class lectures, stayed up many late nights fighting through the bulky and boring accounting textbook and still barely passed my first accounting course. I trudged through the rest of the accounting curriculum and received my MBA with a concentration in accounting. Then, I had to grind through it all again for the CPA exam, which I memorized and caffeinated my way to passing.

It was only after I began teaching accounting at a college level that all of the pieces began to magically fit together and it finally all clicked. I was actually beginning to understand the elusive subject matter of accounting. As I continued to teach, I developed a more user friendly way to master accounting for my students that I called the secrets of the Accounting Whiz Kid. I want to share these secrets with you to make your accounting learning experience pain free.