I Hate Accounting!

Search the phrase “I Hate Accounting…” on Titter and you receive over 1,000 recent tweets from frustrated students struggling to learn the most dreaded course in a business curriculum. I taught accounting for many years and remember the fear from new students and their pained expressions during the lecture. I knew their pain because I had struggled with accounting also.

I tried my best to make my lectures lively and relevant to current business topics. However, all I had to work with was blackboards, overheads and, of course, the bulky textbooks. There had to be an easier way to learn accounting, particularly since it is so important in the business world. Accounting is the language of business. I use accounting just about every day, even though I practice corporate law and the professionals that I interact with, whether they be in marketing, sales or finance, need to know accounting also.

That is why I developed AccountingWhizKid to help drill in the main concepts of accounting such as the fundamental accounting equation and double entry bookkeeping. I found that most texts made the topic too confusing with their presentation. Rather than focus on the fundamentals, the texts intimidated students right away with too much information, tiny balance sheets that filled up the entire page.

I found that accounting was much easier to learn if you have a good understanding of the basics. Even though I received an MBA and passed the CPA exam, I never really understood the basics but learned by “brute force.”

I want to present the basics so you don’t have to go through as much grief as I did in learning accounting. I used to hate accounting, but want to make sure that you don’t.